SuperVario, the press for deep grain leatherThe company from Veneto, which is investing in a new building to expand its production, introduces the particular technical characteristics of its new machine for ironing and printing

Jun 12, 2018
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A few days after Simac Tanning Tech, Bergi shares with us the details of a new press destined to be a great market success. It is called SuperVario, the direct descendant of Superpress, the continuous press that was for many years the flagship model of the Venetian company, as well as the reference machine for the most important tanneries. “The new geometry of this press makes it possible to optimize the processing of deep grain leather”, explains Mauro Bergozza. “It is a machine that meets the market’s changes and guarantees an excellent quality of printing, round and precise, also in the case of raw materials and unexceptional auxiliary chemicals”.

Available in models having light of job of 3200 and 3400 mm, the machine retains some of the constructive characteristics of the previous model such as, for example, the double-wall structure of the frame, which enables it to reach high working pressures (250 kg/cm), to which new technological adjustments were added that make this machine one of the most versatile production tools available today on the market.

Besides envisaging the possibility of a ‘traditional’ use of the machine, that is to say the ability to work in vertical mode (with little contact) for polished ironing or printing of bodywork grain, SuperVario can work in inclined mode (with prolonged contact) for the ironing of only the ridges of printed leathers or for the printing of big grains for furniture. All this is made possible by the new geometry of the machine, which makes it possible to change its inclination, so that the contact of the leather with the operating roller can be increased or reduced, and by a new system of management of the felt driving system.

Thanks to the introduction of a machine control system managed by PLC and monitored by means of one of the most advanced touch-screen panels on the market, SuperVario offers the operator the possibility to manage  multiple working parameters such as operating temperature, working pressure, inclination (that is to say, the time of contact between the leather and the operating roller), the felt driving system, the degree of stretching of the leather.

The new machine management system makes it possible to memorize the various ‘working recipes’, to alter them when necessary, to transfer them to other supports and to interface the machine with the management systems of the tanneries. All this according to the dictates established by the model ‘Industry 4.0’.


Bergi is an expanding company, among the few Italian companies in the machinery sector that are still family-owned. It boasts thousands of machines sold worldwide, often custom-designed and destined for the most important Italian and foreign tanning groups.

“Last year was positive: we registered a 20% increase. The automotive sector is certainly the one that has given us the greatest satisfaction, but lately we have noticed a recovery also in the sector of leather for footwear and the leather goods sector, especially in Santa Croce”, says Mauro Bergozza.

In order to meet growing demand, new investments have already been planned: “We are growing”, carries on the Venetian entrepreneur, “and we need new spaces to expand production. By the end of 2018, we expect to begin the construction work for a new building that will flank the central structure, adding 2.500 square metres to the current 7.500  covered sqm”.



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