The “Best of APLF” award goes to EquitanInnovation of the year: the conveyor for the vibration staking machine Biconic, created by the Venetian company.

Jun 12, 2018
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A propulsive thrust, that is how Antonio Antoniazzi, founder and president of Equitan, has described the prestigious award won last March in Hong Kong. The company from Chiampo (Vicenza), which specializes in the production of machinery for tanneries, was awarded the “Best of APLF” award for innovation during the recent international trade industry fair. An important award that turns the spotlight on an Italian company that has always been in the forefront of research concerning the specific sector of machinery for tanneries.

Founded in 1998, Equitan has won the award for “Biconic”, a biconic conveyor for vibration staking machines with a central indentation in its frame. This new, characteristic shape enables the elastic conveyor, when it is extended, to retain its tension mostly in the central part, where it is shorter. Thus possible creases are shifted on to the lateral part. As a result of that, the same applies to leathers, which turn out to be flatter and smoother, especially in the central part.


Equitan considers the antistatic elastic conveyor its signature product. Created and produced twenty years ago (with carbon fibers), it is capable of conducting static electricity.

Upon receiving the award, Antoniazzi said that the coincidence between receiving the award and the twentieth anniversary of the company’s activity represents a further source of pride as it confirms the quality of the work carried out so far. “I dedicate this award to all the people that collaborate with me, every single product is the result of teamwork, which extends to the support of our clients and suppliers”.

But the Venetian company certainly does not intend to rest on its laurels and has already announced new projects. “Our research and development activity never stops”, said the entrepreneur. “Soon we will present a new, important product”.

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