The new spray booth is eco-friendly and productiveA brilliant three-year period for the Veneto-based company which, after opening up to a financial partner, aims at a further expansion on the market

Jun 12, 2018
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Spraytech has more than thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of systems and accessories dedicated to industrial painting.
At the last Simac Tanning Tech, the Veneto-based company exhibited its spray booth with three water veils. Innovative and green, the Waterflow spray cabin eliminates at least 70% of all polluting agents by instantly destroying them inside the cabin. This action is made possible by three continuous recirculating water veils that suck up and blast the residues, trapping them in the continuous flow of cascading water, and sending already purified air to the blaster. The result? Cleaner air, blasting of emissions and particles in the atmosphere, reduction in maintenance time and frequency for the blaster, filters and cabin – with the consequent increase in their duration and performance.
An intuitive touch-screen panel allows the operator to control the entire line, while the quick colour change system eliminates downtime, thus significantly increasing the productivity of the system. The cabin, which meets all the digital requirements of Industry 4.0, including remote assistance, is available with working widths of 1.8 to 3.8 metres.


A few months ago, Spraytech was acquired by NEIP III, an investment company managed by Finint & Partners (Banca Finint group), however, the founding partners will continue to play a role in the company by holding a minority stake. “We are very pleased with the results achieved over the last three years during which the company has developed a range of products that can compete on a global scale. Opening up to a financial partner now allows us to develop important new development plans,” explains Mauro Golin, founding partner of Spraytech. The first objective of the company based in Lonigo (Vicenza) is the search for a new site of at least five thousand square meters, which will allow unifying and improving the efficiency of the production activity currently distributed in three adjacent units. “We also want to add new human resources in order to expand the technical and marketing department,” says Golin.

The prospects for the new year? “We want to work with major tanning groups. After an excellent 2017, we are confident that we will be able to reap positive results also in 2018. Our customers recognise the benefits of using advanced machinery and we are ready to meet all their needs,” Golin concludes.


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