WegaWin is much more than an electronic measuring machineWegaWin’s success is explained by the wide range of functionalities that make it a real tannery control and data processing centre

Sep 28, 2018
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The WegaWin electronic leather surface measuring machine, launched on the market by Wega based in Arzignano, has become a focal point of innovative functionality. “The versatility is the real strength of this measuring machine, which is able to evolve according to the user’s needs”, explains engineer Nicola Ocello, administrator of the Venetian company. “By integrating an industrial PC operating with Microsoft’s Windows system, first of all WegaWin can connect to the Internet, allow the information exchange with any type of company server, dialogue with other machines and of course allow remote assistance”.

In addition to the exact measurement of the surface and the leather thickness, WegaWin represents an open system with high potential. Traditionally, leather measurers are handled by dedicated processors that have limited functionality. By using an industrial PC, however, WegaWin offers a  higher operational level and a much greater range of possibilities. “By using new features that are easy to integrate, the machine can be used for a multitude of applications, such as printing labels with barcodes or QR codes to be applied to the leather”. Data and operational commands are directly displayed on a 17’’touch-screen monitor, ready to be shared with the company management system or with other machines connected to the network. In addition to meeting all requirements of the Industry 4.0 plan, as a matter of cat WegaWin promotes digitisation in the tannery, becoming a real control centre for the processing, transmission and storage of data.

The advantages of the machine designed and built by Wega Arzignano are important: production efficiency, overcoming of human errors, time saving, cost optimisation. “It is an easy to use, fast and highly flexible tool on which customers can also operate directly, choosing functions and tailored programming, to be managed in collaboration with us but also independently” concludes Ocello.

Wega http://www.wegaitalia.com/

Wega produces surface area measuring machines for the tanning industry. These tannery check-systems are suitable to measure finished, semifinished or […]

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