Silva Team: A year without injuriesNo accidents in 2016 for the Silva Team, which focuses greatly on safety and quality of life. Hence, it has organised a competition which celebrated its first edition at the last SIMAC

May 25, 2017
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An important result for the Silva Team Group which – at the end of April – announced that it closed 2016 without any injuries in all three companies of the holding (Ledoga, Silvachimica and CRCF).

The announcement was made directly by Management to 183 employees of the three companies (about one fifth of the more than 900 employees of the group worldwide), which this year in May, in addition to the annual production bonus distributed according to the established conventional criteria, will be given an extraordinary bonus to acknowledge the commitment and attention placed on safety.

Attention to the quality of life is, moreover, a primary objective of the Silva Team Group, which in September last year launched the first edition of the “Leather of the Year” award aimed at developing innovative leather in the different tanning applications (shoes, upholstery, car and airplane interiors, leather goods, garments etc.) in keeping with the most demanding sustainability requirements. This competition wants to “encourage the Research and Development area of the company to study eco-sustainable tanning processes, state-of-the-art technologies and to design and develop high performance chemical products,” explained Alessandro Battaglia, president and CEO of Silva Team Spa, during the award ceremony held during the last Simac Tanning Tech. An independent jury awarded the first prize to the leather prepared by Mario Ciaponi, technical sales assistant at Santa Croce.


An item that seems finished, but that was actually obtained with carefully selected vegetable tannins, waxes and natural oils. Second place went to Andrea Puccini (also technical sales assistant at Santa Croce), who presented a leather made with an eco-friendly process, without the use of chromium or other metals, aldehydes and salts in order to meet the ZDHC requirements. The bronze medal went to Eric Poles, sales manager of the Silva Team, who developed a metal free and aldehyde free leather with a process similar to vegetable tanning with reduced chemical oxygen demand (COD) of the wastewater.

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