A fair with a positive outcome, despite the many critical factors that fuel market uncertainty. Simac Tanning Tech 2022, held from 20 to 22 September at Fieramilano Rho to present the latest technological innovations for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, recorded a more than satisfactory trend according to most of the exhibitors. A result that is far from obvious given the difficult international context and concerns about the escalation of the war in Ukraine.
The comments collected among the protagonists of Hall 18, where leather processing machines were exhibited, are rich in satisfactions both for the number and quality of visitors, even though the absence of Chinese operators and Asians in general, weighed heavily.
“We are happy, we have had many visits and since today travelling is more complicated, those who reached the fair are certainly motivated by a genuine interest”, reports Mauro Pellizzari, commercial director of GEMATA. A good fair that obviously does not make us stop worrying about a future full of uncertainty: “I fear that the situation on the international market will remain difficult for at least another year. The critical factors that are holding back investments today, such as the war in Ukraine, high energy prices, increases in raw materials, are not phenomena that will be resolved in the short term, on the contrary they could worsen in the coming months”, adds Pellizzari. A very positive fair also for BAUCE: “We went beyond expectations: the Asian absences were compensated by the many South American visitors, in particular from Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. The tanning sector seems to have restarted in a great way in that part of the world”, reports Federico Calvi.
Giulio Galiotto of ERRETRE/F.LLI CARLESSI shares the same opinion: “It was a very positive and concrete fair; the visitors present were interested in viewing the latest news. Unfortunately there were no Indians because of visa issues. As for future prospects we are full of orders. Our production will travel at full speed in the coming months. Major requests right now concern finishing booths.”
With Mauro Bergozza of BERGI, vice president of ASSOMAC, we also talk about the energy issue. “It is the hot topic today, the one that most of all slows down investments because it creates maximum uncertainty on job prospects. As manufacturers of machines for the tanning sector we are all committed to the study of new technologies with low energy consumption and also a lower environmental impact. As an association we are further developing the Green Label certification to be able to monitor emissions and also the energy and production costs of each single batch of leather”, explains Bergozza.
In terms of content, Simac Tanning Tech 2022 lived up to expectations with the proposal of many technological innovations of which we will give account in the next issue of ARS TANNERY.