Innovation never stops at Gemata: during the first lockdown, when the whole world was in a suspension time, the company's Research & Development department continued to work to create and update leather finishing systems.
In particular, the furniture market data, relating to the spring and summer months of last year, showed strongly positive trends due to the greater investments that citizens have made by having to spend much more time at home than in the past.
To respond to the new needs, Gemata technicians have focused on the implementation of technologies concerning spray booths: this research, which has produced new systems that combine respect for the environment and the reduction of operating costs, had as a result the new SCRUBBER-Evo.
SCRUBBER-Evo solves the primary need of tanneries to improve the efficiency of their spray lines, in leather finishing plants, with a solution that minimizes the polluting impacts in the environment: in this sense, Gemata has redesigned the fume scrubbing unit with a water mist system (called "wet") and mechanical/textile filters that improve abatement performance.
The new high filtration system is an essential part of the Gemata spray booths for the effective reduction of the particulate emissions into the atmosphere. It differs from the previous models for greater efficiency which is guaranteed by the particular engineering solution adopted, which includes:
– a second chamber of spheres with an increased sticking surface,
– a group of nozzles placed upstream above the spheres,
– an easy-to-replace dry filter group to capture solid microparticles.

In this way the air comes out purified, free of odors and fine dust, since all pollutants are captured.
Specifically, SCRUBBER-Evo is configured with:
– a monolithic stainless stell AISI 340 strucutre with four scrubbing chambers,
– a teflon-coated steel suction impeller,
– several groups of nebulising nozzles that spray against the fumes drawn from the spray booth,
– two chambers comprising solvent resistant continuously moving spheres,
– a separation droplets unit consisting of a labyrinth of stainless steel blades and a group of dry filters placed before the purified air outlet to capture particles smaller than one micron.
The dimensions of the air depuration system can be customized according to the working width of the system and its positioning is flexible: indeed, to save space, it can also be positioned above the booth through a special shelter.
Finally, maintenance and cleaning are made fast and safe thanks to a total of five AISI 304 stainless steel doors that make inspections much faster.

Ultimately, SCRUBBER-Evo therefore represents a more efficient scrubbing technology: with its use, emissions values are reached well below the legal limits, without compromising maintenance and the quality of work. It has been designed to improve efficiency performance in the scrubbing of painting powders and to combine the spray booths finishing systems by Gemata with a high quality design solution aimed at greater environmental sustainability.

Granulometric tests of the year 2020-2021 carried out in an environmental analysis center accredited by Accredia and authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructures and the MIUR