Rotacoat is an innovative start-up whose foundation, which took place in 2019, finds its deepest motivation in the extreme variability of the leather articles that requires continuous innovations to modern rollercoating machines and their relentless adaptability to ever new applications.
The company showcases at the Tanning Tech 2020 its new range of roller finishing machines, the result of a completely original approach. The long experience gained in the field by the protagonists of this initiative has given them the opportunity to prove that what exists can always be improved.
Rotacoat essentially represents a condensation of concepts propelled towards the next decade and its brand-new models J1 display all the necessary features and offer all the essential improvements to make a clear generational leap in the current technology applied to modern rollercoating machines.
The machines J1 have been designed to apply efficiently and very uniformly an array of finishing chemicals in reverse, for example resins for the impregnation and fatliquors, both hot and cold, high viscosity products such as filling agents, stucco and pre-base products on both buffed and full grain leathers and splits, pigments of all types, also foamed, for base coatings, colour coats and water-based topcoats.
It is possible to finish/upgrade goat & sheepskins, bovine side leathers, splits and whole hides in reverse, virtually covering the total variety of articles, even the softest ones from very fine thicknesses (0.4 mm) for clothing, bovine leathers for furniture/ upholstery and car interiors up to thicker items for footwear and leather goods.
The machines Rotacoat J1 are able to spread evenly in reverse from a few grams per square foot of chemical product up to a very significant quantity (up to 50 g/s.f.) in one pass, where necessary. Thanks to the experience of the engineers who worked on its development, it was possible to secure the following advantages:
-Colour change speeded up to the maximum and cleaning of the new coating rollers greatly facilitated.
-Great application accuracy of the finishing film.
-Absolutely uniform doctor blade wear thanks to the motorized control.
-Very high productivity thanks to a conveyor’s speed that can exceed 20 m/min.
-Absence of toothed rollers or peel off devices which results in great advantages in terms of maintenance not to mention the guarantee to avoid any flesh contamination.
Very reduced maintenance intervals and replacement of the rubberised belt that can be carried out quickly without moving the machine from the working position.