Aware of the importance of training, the Italian Leather Research Institute (SSIP) has entered into another important agreement with the school world. “Training is the future”, commented the General Director of SSIP, Edoardo Imperiale, illustrating the agreement stipulated with the Technical Institute “C. Cattaneo”of San Miniato (Pisa) and represented by the School Director, Professor Alessandro Frosini.

Specifically, “the Italian Leather Research Institute will guarantee know-how and concrete resources to the Tuscan institute, in particular as many as 120 thousand euro that will be used to renovate the school’s laboratories”, announced Imperiale. An agreement in line with the activities already started by SSIP in the districts of Arzignano and Solofra and which have the objective of training young people, supporting local realities and improving institutional collaboration.

The purpose of the convention – the statement reads – is to establish a cooperative relationship   between the parties, in which the study, training and research activities of SSIP, Poteco and the Cattaneo Institute can be integrated and coordinated to work together as a team. In essence, a further step forward in the framework of the “Polytechnic Leather Institute” program aimed at encouraging business development and strengthening technical-organisational skills, through the integration of education and work systems in the fashion and leather production chain.

As part of the convention, the implementation of a chemical laboratory of the latest generation of chemistry and materials science is certainly the flagship: this will guarantee a significant advancement of the institute’s specificity, offering a highly professionalised course of study and in line with the development and innovation needs of the industrial sectors in the area.

“The funding for a new chemical laboratory will be able to give a further turning point to the offer of the Cattaneo Institute to the benefit of the entire Tuscan tanning district” said the director of Poteco, Domenico Castiello.