Mec Man has a beautiful story we already told you about, but that is worth being briefly recalled. An adventure that began in 2003 in the province of Vicenza, in the heart of the Venetian tanning district, on the initiative of Marco Agostini and Giovanni Baron who, with determination and foresight, were able to build an entrepreneurial reality that today occupies a space of great respect in the micro-international leather drying sector.

“We started off as simple maintenance technicians and then we became retailers of reconditioned used machines. Slowly we have grown and we have begun to design and build our own machines that have been able to win the trust of many important tanneries” says Agostini. What is the secret of your success? “Our strength, what has allowed us to first internally and then internationally build a serious and reliable image on the market, has been and continues to be the technical assistance service on which we invest our best energy”, he explains the Venetian entrepreneur. The future is plenty of prospects for this company that boasts an already full order book for the whole year 2019. “Obviously we are very satisfied with the results achieved, but we certainly won’t let this go to our head and we know we have to work hard to consolidate what we have achieved so far”.

In recent years, Mec Man has designed vacuum dryer lines, vacuum generation plants (IceVacuum) and new-generation ice water systems (IceSystem), always to pursue energy savings and environmental sustainability.

At Tanning Tech 2019 Mec Man exhibited MecGiant, a vacuum that can reach a height up to 9 metres and a width of 3.4, a giant with high productivity (+ 50%) and low consumption, which is unique in the world, made for the processing of large-sized bovine hides. A system that above all stands out because it works at low temperatures, guaranteeing uniform and natural leathers without losing yeld.