One of the most interesting aspects of the new Tuscan civil and industrial water treatment system is linked to the “Acqua 360” research project, which is experimenting how to purify and refine civil waste water and then re-use it in the tannery.

As part of the project, funded under the ERDF Tuscany 2014-2020 ROP, was create a pilot plant (ACQUA 360 plant) for the purification and refining of civil wastewater with the aim of producing a sufficient amount of process water which is supplied to the 3 tanneries involved in the project. Thanks to the tannery tests, we are proceeding to validate the water purification process and the feasibility of re-use.

The new tanks for accumulation of meteoric water from the Aquarno water treatment plant in Santa Croce, which will soon become operational represent another step in the progressive realisation of the so-called Tubone.