Federico Pasqualetti

Creative, dynamic, fast. Every day he invents a new processing method capable of amazing clients. Federico Pasqualetti leads with passion and contagious enthusiasm Aeffe Machinery, the Tuscan company that has made constant innovation the key of its success, proven by 350 machines sold worldwide.

“In a few years, we were able to build a name for ourselves in the sector, thanks to the peculiarity of the processing methods that our machines are capable of carrying out” says the entrepreneur, who is getting used to the visits of the designers and creative figures of the most important fashion houses, who are attracted to the company’s headquarters in Bientina (Pisa), the heart of the Tuscan tanning district, by his innovative creations.

His brother Alessandro’s workshop, located just a few steps away, takes care of the transferring of his ideas into the mechanic part. From the launch of the first drilling machine, fourteen years ago, the Pasqualetti brothers have come a long way. Everyone remembers the incredible success of the “scaler machine” capable of reproducing the relief of a snake scale very realistically. Since then, every year, Aeffe has managed to have the sector talking about them by introducing new devices capable of creating new, amazing effects on materials.


“A fundamental concept I stick to is that of increasing the versatility of our plants as much as possible. Our multifunction machines are born of that; combining several tools, they widen the possibilities of their use reducing the depreciation time”.

The latest novelty, launched at Tanning Tech 2018, is already a best-seller: it is called ALFA and is a model born to also carry out directly on the material all the processing methods typical of its machines, that is to say, cuts, scales, holes, millings and drawings. With Alfa it is possible to work on a chosen piece of leather or other material, whereas machines of the same kind can work only on the entire surface. “The market liked it immediately. It is available in three sizes: a small one for shoes 80×80, a medium size to process the mezzina, a large one for two mezzinas or a large piece of leather with two heads working simultaneously”, explains Pasqualetti.


The company’s flagship is “AEFFE Lab”, a true research and development laboratory, a considerable plus for a small company such as this. “The Lab was born as a showroom to show clients the working methods our machines can carry out, then it gradually gained more and more ground, thus finally becoming an actual development centre. Today we are able to carry out a complete sampling service here: the item is studied, the working method, then there is a sampling and counter-sampling stage”. The laboratory hosts all the updates and prototypes realized over the years. “We welcome designers, technicians, clients and newcomers to start together a journey to optimize the use of our machines and of the sotware that manages them”, says the entrepreneur.


Always searching for new stimuli, Pasqualetti is also exploring extrasectorial contexts. “Together with an upholsterer friend we have realized a line of armchairs and complementary furnishings using leathers and recovered materials ennobled by the processing carried out with our machines. We have given a few presentations during which the prototypes were very much appreciated; now let us see what is going to happen. We already a have a name for it: Ama”.

In the meantime, they are studying improvements and working to win new challenges. “I want to be able to realize, in an economic and simple manner, also the cut of scales on printed leather, that is to say, to cut exactly on the edge of a scale after plate printing. We are getting there, we are finalizing the right system because the difficult part is not to design the machine capable of carrying out that kind of processing, but to be able to do that keeping costs low”, says Pasqualetti.