Smit, one of the subsidiaries of Smit & Zoon, announces the launch of its new waterproof Fatliquor: Aguastop PS 210. With this innovative fatliquor, Smit is complementing the ability to allow leather makers in both the retanning/Wet End as well as Finishing stages to produce water resistance leather coating.
Thanks to its innovative chemistry – the company explains – Aguastop PS 210 will enable tanners to implement a reliable, modern, simplified process, and reduce its water consumption, with a high water resistant level performance as result. The product has been developed as “an interaction between material science technology and special functional that allows us to engineer a completely water resistance leather coating. This retanning/Wet End fatliquor is a truly innovative product”.
This new waterproof fatliquor is designed following the continues demand by brands and consumers for outdoor leather equipment, which need to be as water resistance as possible. Aguastop PS 210 is an ideal sustainable product that gives water proof protection to all kind of leather items such as shoes, leather bags, gloves and is perfect in combination with other products for anti-soiling protection for upholstery. The leather product has a much longer lifespan, hence reduce the footprint of the final leather product significantly.