With Erretre we deepen the peculiarities of its latest technological innovations, in particular the Ecotan spray booth and the Ner Drying Tunnel, ideal for processing leathers destined for the upholstery market as well as for the automotive sector. “Each production line is designed in accordance with the customer’s needs. The analysis process is based on the current technologies available by inserting innovative elements that best interpret customers’ requests”, explains the Venetian company. A company always attentive to the evolution of the market: “Today a finishing line must have flexibility and adaptability features, because market demands are subject to variations and oriented towards small production batches. That is why we have come to the development of a finishing cabin like Ecotan, which combines the current need with any future request”.
Starting from the flexibility concept, goes on explaining Erretre, the line is not designed as a single machine, but with macro modules connected to each other. The electrical wiring and controls have been designed to allow future modifications of the line; there is no longer a single electrical panel, but each painting booth has its own electrical panel and its own control system. This type of configuration similar to a plug and play system, allows easy future reconfigurations of all components of the finishing line. The software is built up of different combinations, automatically adapting to the various new configurations. The Ecotan fume extraction and treatment system has been designed to achieve maximum environmental and ergonomic efficiency, placing the person at the centre. The overspray fumes produced by the spray guns are directly aspirated from the bottom just below the conveyor belt.
“The reduction of emissions into the atmosphere by 80% and the reduced volume of required air (50% less than the standard) are the immediate advantages of this technology, which means having to reintegrate less air from the environment and therefore reducing energy consumption. The amount of air to be reintegrated from the environment can be further reduced by up to 5% because the treated air has such characteristics that it can almost totally be recycled inside the booth itself. Obviously, reducing ‘air volume’ and ‘emissions’ also means low maintenance needs”.
Together with the Ecotan booth we find the NER Drying Tunnel. The NER tunnel is a real ‘modular’ tunnel where each module is physically independent from the one closed by. This drying tunnel has been designed to guarantee the ‘controlled’ drying of the leathers free from thermal shocks, to avoid the correlated loss of yields in the area, ensuring the absence of contamination, great energy savings and high speed working. For this purpose, the tunnel is made up of drying chambers characterised by individual adjustment, both of temperature and air flow.
The air movement system inside the individual stages prevents dust contamination even in the presence of dirt at the bottom of the tunnel. This counter-current air flow with respect to the movement of the hides also ensures excellent distribution uniformity, so that leather being processed is dried homogeneously. “The entire production line – explain Erretre technicians – is governed by our innovative software that simplifies a system with thousands of variables, making it accessible to any operator, thanks also to the new graphic interface with purely iconographic language that simplifies and facilitates control in a multicultural environment”. With the new software all devices are incorporated into a single control, as are the energy saving functions. “The creation and management of processing recipes through our software are extremely easy. During processing, all processing data are automatically historicised without any operator intervention. What has been historicised is easily available for company supervision with data exchange through SQL databases compatible with 4.0 systems. The software is also equipped with on-line help, documentation, operating manuals and wiring diagrammes that can be easily consulted from the operator panel” explain Erretre experts.In conclusion, there is no doubt that Erretre machines represent an engineering milestone and arise from the necessity to ensure optimal satisfaction of the  clients through an in-depth and personalised study of each production line.

The Spray cabin Ecotan reduces emissions by 80%