The rotary presses can install the innovative patented heating system SOLARIS that combines the features and advantages of electric heating and diathermic oil. Thanks to this new heating system, it is possible to reach operating working temperatures in shorter times, maintaining a uniform and constant temperature profile along all the roller, during processing, keeping the machine clean and in complete safety. The Solaris system reduces the consumption, the thermal losses, and simplifies the maintenance work as it does not use the components of traditional heating systems (thermal control unit, rotary joints, distributors, connecting pipes, etc).

BARNINI, total control with Spray Station

The growing demand to ensure more quality, productivity and reproducibility of the product has led to the creation of the innovative control system for the entire spraying line called “Spray Station”.
A technological control system of the machine has been matured with a synergy of skills, Barnini’s 50-year know-how in the construction of spraying systems,  combined with the experience and knowledge in the use of our customers. Configurable according to requests, it can also be installed on existing spraying lines to update them and improve their performance. At Tanning Tech, The ROT-S rotary booth is set up with the most technologically advanced systems: the new “Spray Station” control system and the low pressure system for precision air control up to 0.2 bar to minimize the costs of the chemicals needed for the spraying phase.
The rotary booth is configured with a carousel with 24 arms to minimize the speed of the guns allowing better coverage of the product sprayed on the leather and less air turbulence inside the booth.
The innovative B-54 spray guns, installed one for each arm, guarantee a high transfer (Hi-Tech) of the chemical product, homogeneity of application and multi-spray heads for effects or coatings with nozzles in all sizes, to apply from 2 to 20 grams per square foot. The only limit is imagination!