On March 31st, Leather Naturally association held its 2nd annual meeting for its members. This online webinar was specifically organized to inform our members about the progress we made in education and promotion of leather in the interest of our members and in fact the entire leather industry.
Here are some of the 2020 highlights:
* New website: we released a new website in English and German language with optimized navigation, re-organized and edited content and with an SEO optimized structure. The number of visitors increased by 40.5% till 25.047 visitors wanting to learn more about leather.
* A new LinkedIn page was created, featuring leather as a sustainable and unique material, with over 2.000 followers.
* Educational factsheets are now available in different languages (Italian, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese).
* The growth in Social Media followers is used to amplify the content on the Leather Naturally website. We created ready-to-use posts for our members as well, supporting them and their networks to learn about leather.
* Leather Naturally was speaking in various on-line events, where brands where the main audience. We use these online events, to communicate about the sustainability of leather and the fact that leather is featuring unique material characteristics.
* Our Education team has been developing all kind of new educational documents and is currently working on the development of a new PowerPoint Presentation about responsible leather manufacturing.
* The global Initiative Metcha has continued growth in 2020 towards an audience of around 2.5 million people and is going to be continued in 2021 to inspire young generations about leather.
We are pleased to see that the group of individual persons supporting Leather Naturally in the different teams (Promotion, Communication, Brands, Metcha and Education) is growing. At this moment, we are still in search of 2 new Supervisory Council members willing to join Leather Naturally. The Supervisory Council is responsible for the supervision of the management of the association by the Management Board and the general course of affairs in the association. Furthermore, we want to thank our members for their trust in Leather Naturally association. Despite of the difficult economic situation in 2020, we managed to grow to a total of 161 members, a growth of 27 members since 2019. We are pleased with the fact that we have already 20 valued members from Italy from all over the leather supply chain and we would be delighted to welcome more members from Italy and jointly collaborate on education and promotion of leather on a global scale. Leather Naturally is having a membership fee model that is based on company size.

 For more information, please contact info@leathernaturally.org

 Egbert Dikkers – Chair Leather Naturally