AICC (Italian Leather Chemists Association) together with UNIC (Italian Tanners’ Association) and UNPAC (National Association of Italian leather chemicals manufacturers) are pleased to declare that ASSOMAC (National Association of Italian footwear, leather goods and tannery machines and accessories
manufacturers) and the Leather District of Veneto are joining the Organizing Committee of the III IULTCS EuroCongress Vicenza 2022.
ASSOMAC is delighted to take part in the next edition of III IULTCS Euro Congress Vicenza 2022.
Mr Mauro Bergozza, vicepresident of ASSOMAC, delegate in the sector and representative of the presidency, outlines the importance of the technological contribution at international level that Italian companies of the sector have given and will carry on giving for the development of a material recycle
process, otherwise a waste, always more environmentally sustainable and above all, safe and reliable for those who work.
President of the Leather Veneto District, Riccardo Boschetti, showed enthusiasm regarding the event, that seals cooperation and synergy mood that features relationship between VENETO DISTRICT and AICC.
These are the words of the President: “We embrace with great enthusiasm invitation by AICC President, Doc. Mariano Roberto Mecenero and by Doc. Giancarlo Lovato, President of the Organizing Committee, to join Organizing Committee of next IULTCS EuroCongress. It is a further occasion to promote not only the Italian tanning culture but also our entire supply chain of tanning industry”.
“Veneto District could not but welcome with enthusiasm the invitation to join Organiziang Committee of III IULTCS EuroCongress, to cooperate for realization of this very important international event”, commented doc. Chiara Carradore, strongly committed, in her role of Director, in the development of the District. AICC President, Doc. Mariano Roberto Mecenero, also spoke on the topic: “Pride for receiving from IULTCS duty to organize III° EuroCongress in September 2022 in Italy and the decision by Executive Committee of Italian Association of Leather Chemists (AICC) to held it in Vicenza, made the request for cooperation to ASSOMAC and Veneto Leather District natural. The positive answer of both and the chance to have them by our side as close aide in this extraordinary event, makes us proud and willing to prepare it in the best way to present with due attention last technical scientific innovations of leather industry, together with the excellence of the Italian leather supply chain”.
President of Organizing Committee III EuroCongress IULTCS, Doc. Giancarlo Lovato, expressed himself as follows: “We are sure that it will be a crucial moment for all the Italian leather supply chain and particularly for the Veneto district. We hope that, with the help of all Associations that gave us their availability to coorganize it, the result will be an event of great impact and with a very high technical content. I thank, for their willingness, all the people mentioned by Veneto Leather District to join the activities of Organizing Committee and various Commissions”.