Leather Kem is a young and dynamic company that operates in the Tuscan tanning chemical sector. Even though born recently, the thirty years’ experience of those who work there has allowed this small company based in Ponte a Egola (Pisa) to quickly establish itself in the tanning sector, distinguishing itself for service and quality always characterised by the utmost respect for the environment. “It is exactly on this aspect that we have invested the most since the first moment, researching and developing sustainable processes with low environmental impact” say managers of the company. “Moreover, intense market research shows that a large part of consumers is interested in buying products with better performance in terms of sustainability and that is why for many years our commitment to the development of greener technologies has been total”.
The search for less impactful production processes, which manage to maintain a high quality of the finished leather, represents an unprecedented challenge for the tanning chemicals sector. Leather Kem, together with its partners, Atlas Refinery for fatliquors and Zaitex for dyes, offers itself to the tanner as a first-rate chemical partner for the creation of high quality sustainable leathers for both footwear and leather goods. The know-how of this work group, combined with continuous research and experience, has led to the development of a “lighter” but equally effective tanning system in terms of end product performance. “Our process allows to obtain metal-free hides, almost irrelevant free formaldehyde contents and completely in line with the restrictive parameters established by Reach regulations. In terms of the production process, wastewater is metal-free, water consumption is reduced compared to a standard process and processing residues can be disposed of as metal-free waste” concludes Leather Kem.