Technology is, of course, also very important in the metal free leather manufacturing process. The latest innovation in this field comes from Bergi which in September will launch a new ironing and printing machine that operates at low temperatures and is ideal for working with vegetable or white tanning leathers. The new entry is named “Superstar T”, a press for ironing and continuous printing with revolver carousel for automatic roller change which undoubtedly ensures interesting performances. As the Venetian company that designed it explains, the reasons that differentiate this machine from those of competitors are mainly two: the increase in the contact surface between the operator roller and the hide on a vertical machine (without roll) and the achievable high working pressure (up to 350 Kg/linear cm).
“The idea of increasing the contact surface to obtain a sharper and more defined print, even more evident in large grains, was born with the SuperVario T project that we presented in 2019 and which is enjoying considerable success – explains the entrepreneur Mauro Bergozza -. Basically, SuperStar T resumes the same working concept as SuperVario T but instead of being equipped with a hoist it is equipped with an automatic revolver operator roller change system”.
Bergi explains that the increase in surface area between the operator roller and the hide confers an additional benefit in terms of shine and softness to the touch even to stretched or satin-finished leathers, because it was possible to lower both the temperature and the working pressure. The reduction in the working temperature combined with the increase in the contact surface brings a great benefit to “metal free” leathers, because they do not stiffen and do not change colour.

Due to this success, Bergi has decided to combine the Superstar, the classic press for the finished shoe and leather goods, with a superior model wich is exactly SuperStar T, a machine that is obtaining a significant success thanks to its exceptional quality and production performance.

“With the SuperStar T alone, today we are able to work both on full grain at low pressures and print large grains at high pressures, sometimes even replacing the plate press”, concludes Bergozza.