Since the very beginning, ARS Tannery magazine has supported the mission of Leather Naturally, which consists in promoting the use of sustainably produced leather, inspiring and informing designers, creatives and consumers. Founded ten years ago to counter the continuous attacks against the sector, Leather Naturally immediately opted for a different, and certainly more efficient approach: instead of playing in defense by responding to unfounded accusations often based on fake news, it preferred to focus on a communication that aims to highlight all the leather’s positive characteristics, first and foremost its sustainability and also the beauty, quality and versatility of this material.
Some of the most important tanneries in the world, various associations, trade fair organisations, chemical-tanning companies, machine manufacturers and some sector publications (you can find the member list on the website including ours, have already signed up for Leather Naturally.  ARS Tannery supports the value of the Leather Naturally initiative from the beginning by regularly hosting in-depth articles and spreading the messages as much as possible through the whole leather supply chain.
Last year, LN got to the heart of its promotional activity thanks to the collection of 1.5 million dollars which – at the end of July 2019 – allowed the launch of a digital campaign covering the main social channels through the METCHA platform. For this second year of activity, the association hopes for a further expansion of the membership base and an increase in financial resources in order to set up an even more incisive marketing campaign. “Anyone working in the leather sector should feel moral responsibility by supporting a campaign that will bring benefits to the whole sector”, the president of Leather Naturally, Egbert Dikkers does not tire of repeating.