There are new important upgrades for “Obelix”, the largest drum in the world launched last year on the market by Pajusco Tecnologie. “We have worked to optimise and simplify all process control operations”, explains Olimpio Storti, CEO of Pajusco Tecnologie. Among improvements of Obelix, which ensures excellent results and resource savings even at full load (up to 25 tons of leather) thanks to a different and enhanced internal mechanical action, we point out in particular the new load cells for weight reading, the wi-fi probe to control the barrel temperature, the automatic lubricator of the supports, the reading of the support temperature and so on. “These are all control devices that improve the quality of the final skin”, explains the entrepreneur.

Pajusco has also created a new milling drum, available both in the laboratory version and for the production itself, equipped with computerised control of all the working parameters through touch screen. The company has also developed a series of new automation systems that respond to specific processing needs, such as the Powtec for weighing powders complete with scales, suction system and touch screen, also available in a wi-fi version; the Scanner gun, a wi-fi connected scanner gun to load up products through QR codes; Phtec, which measures the PH directly connected to the TAU framework via wi-fi and Trucks discharge, an automatic discharge system, increasingly requested by tanneries, for weighing and labeling chemical products directly from tankers.

The company of Montebello Vicentino has definitely good job prospects: “We have received very important orders to build plants in five new tanneries abroad and one to be renovated in Italy”. What do your customers value most? “We serve the tannery at 360°, customising machines based on specific needs and offering a complete package that includes automation and chemical products. Furthermore, unlike others, our systems are always open source, we don’t bind users to necessarily purchase our programs and spare parts. We also offer a technical assistance service which, in addition to telediagnosis and free modifications, relies on local suppliers all over the world” concludes Olimpio Storti.