“We are very satisfied with the results of the fair, even if some markets were not present, we have had many important contacts because the tanning market is looking for news and those who came were really interested”, reports Matteo Simoni at the Barnini stand. The Spray Station, that is the new control unit for the spraying line, a technologically advanced system that is also simple to use, is the novelty of 2020. “It allows you to easily check all the processing parameters and meets the demand for more quality, productivity and reproducibility of the product”, explains Simoni. Configurable upon request, the control unit can also be installed on existing spraying lines to update them and improve their performance. It almost goes without saying that the development of the Spray Station required an extensive synergy of expertise, basically all of Barnini’s fifty years long know-how in the construction of spraying systems combined with customer experience.
The ROT-S rotary cabin on show at Tanning Tech was set up with the most technologically advanced systems, including the low pressure system for precision air control up to 0.2 bar to minimise the costs of the chemical product needed for the spraying phase. The rotary cabin was positioned on a carousel with 24 spray arms to minimise the speed of the guns allowing better coverage of the product sprayed on the skin and less air turbulence inside the cabin. The new “B-54” low pressure guns, mounted one on each arm guarantee a high chemical product transfer, a homogenous application and multi-heads for effects or covers with nozzles in all sizes to apply from 2 to 20 grams to the square foot. A whole range of innovative systems aimed at improving and speeding up finishing operations, saving energy and chemical product.

The new control unit of the spraying line is called Spray Station