A colourful interaction between natural elements; recollections of journeys in far away places; a dynamic and youthful vison and, finally, clear references to technology: there’s a very variegated combination of ideas behind Exotic Escapes, BASF‘s new range of inspirations, which for the Spring/Summer 2018 season feature four decisively interesting and trendy macro-segments. The new proposals are embodied in Inspiration for Leather a brochure that the German chemical company publishes with consistent anticipation every two years, so that interested tanneries can plan their production more easily. The complete procedure for producing every type of leather is then made available on request.

Over time, BASF has earned an extremely authoritative reputation in leather trends on a world-wide scale

explains Matthias Halusa, Vice-President of BASF, for the Leather Chemicals department

With the new “Exotic Escapes” proposals, we want to be an active part in that energy and passion that drives our clients on a discovery of the functional uses of colour, as they search for that perfect equilibrium between materials and design

This objective has led to the introduction of new ranges and the development of several products (Relugan, Astacin, Lepton) in the wet-end and finishing processes segment, to reinterpret the new season.


basfBold colours and subtle tones

A dense, highly exotic vegetation lends its name to the first macro-segment: Vibrant Jungle is dominated by solid, vibrant reds, browns and blues, coordinated with more evanescent tones, like emerald green, or delicate khaki hues. Combinations that are enhanced by the use of pearly and shiny effects or iridescent accents, particularly on reptile, which gives life to fascinating and creative relief effects.


basfA remote and ethnic look

The tune significantly changes in Summer Travels, a proposal that brings to mind journeys in remote lands, with Southern European and Mediterranean influences, right the way through to the more exotic places of the ancient trade routes. These idyllic oases invite every ‘traveller’ to wear comfortable outfits, leather sandals and use small bags made of reinforced leather.
A look with evident local references, which is completed in rough leather accessories, maybe embellished with designs, perforations and frayed accents. Solutions that provide a slightly romantic and highly ethnic look.


basfA friendly and positive style

Whereas, in Electric Youth, free reign is given to the years of youth, an idea inspired by a fresh, immediate, friendly and positive style. An attitude that takes shape in abstract textures or more geometric, uniform shapes, with a curious (but effective) use of opacities and overlapping layers, creating unusual optical effects. The colour palette features pastel hues, with a preference for yellow shades. Perfect coordinated with whites (like brilliant white or ivory) and timeless worn denim.


Between tradition and the future

Simple artisanal workmanship and cutting-edge technology, two parallel sectors that meet in Hi-Tech Nature, which explores the theme of nature and space. There’s an ample use of natural and base hues, together with metallic tones (silver) or colours on the very edge of the perceivable spectrum (indigo). Leathers are cut with lasers and perforated, giving a sensation of lightness and flexibility.