In a stand almost always crowded with visitors, we are able to exchange two words with Mauro Bergozza only on the last day of Simac Tanning Tech, a fair that turned out to be “better than expected” as also the head of the Veneto-based mechanical company comments, to whom we ask in which direction the requests of the tanneries go today. “At this moment there is interest in what is not on the market, in the sense that customers are looking for something different from what is currently available, obviously in order to make a difference, because business costs are high and the demand low. It is therefore necessary to focus on new items or the increase in volumes. In addition, raw hide is of increasingly lower quality while end customers would like it less covered and more natural looking. In this context, we producers can certainly do our part at the side of tanneries”.
With these premises, the great interest shown at the fair in the new film transfer applicator that Bergi presented combined with its Finilux ironing machine but that can be used in combination with any other type of ironing or printing machine, without obliging clients to large investments, was therefore no surprise. “By using this applicator, with a few thousand Euro you can obtain a high quality finish, which could be defined as ‘dry’, completely different from the traditional one. Very briefly, after preparing the hide, a very thin transfer film is applied (supplied by various chemical producers) which insulates the underlying part and allows a uniform finish over the whole leather surface. The result is a finished leather soft to touch and also breathable thanks to the particular structure of the polymer film that has been applied”, explains Bergozza.
At the fair, also Supervario T has been very successful, considered the cutting edge of the printing presses offered by Bergi. “A machine that is having enormous commercial success thanks to word of mouth because it is simple to use but also very precise and fast thanks to a condensation of technological innovations”.

Behind Mauro Bergozza the film transfer applicator