Brazilian leather shows the first signs of recovery. According to SECEX (Secretariat of Foreign Trade) data revised by CICB, the Brazilian tanning association, in October 2020 the South American country exported raw, semi-finished and finished leathers for 91.2 million dollars, that is 1.6% less compared to October 2019. The comparison with the previous month of September 2020 (83.7 million dollars) however, shows an increase of 8.9%. In relation to the total number of the first 10 months of the year, exports of yellow-gold leathers reached $ 770.8 million (-22.5% compared to 2019).
Looking at individual types of leather, the only positive data concern though salted hides and skins, which recorded + 72.4% in value and + 193% in volume. Negative sign for crust, wet blue and finished leathers.
China, the USA and Italy are in this order the top three Brazilian leather markets.