According to data released by the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat (SECEX) and reported by the Brazilian Tanning Industry Centre (CICB), in December the country exported hides and skins for 103.3 million dollars in value, an increase of 25.1% on an annual basis and of 1.3% compared to November.
In terms of volume, exports involved a total of 16.8 million square metres of hides, skins and and leathers (+ 25.4% compared to December 2019; -3.6% compared to November). Despite the difficulties experienced by the global leather supply chain, Brazil therefore closed 2020 with encouraging results. The furniture sector seems to have been driving the recovery, which contributed to an evident price increase at the end of the year.
During 2020, Brazilian leather exports generated a value of 976 million dollars, registering a -15.9% compared to 2019. As for the analysis of the types of products, 2020 saw an increase in exports of salted leathers (+ 75.5% in value and + 175.8% in volume), but a drop in requests for wet-blue (-17.2% in value and -10.3% in volume) and crust ( -1.4% in value, against a 2.4% increase in volume). Also foreign sales of finished leather decreased significantly, with -18.9% in value and -9.7% in volume.
China, which sees – 6% in volume and -7.9% in value, remains the main destination for exports, followed by the USA (-7.2% in volume and -14.3% in value) and Italy (-9% in volume and -19.7% in value).

The Brazilian tanneries’ pavillion  at APLF in Hong Kong