Also this year, the Officine di Cartigliano was present at Tanning Tech with a large space of 400 square meters, in which the Veneto-based company wanted to impress visitors by setting up a themed exhibition. After last year’s “Cartigliano in the Space” (celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing), the theme chosen for this year was the sea, or rather the oceans surrounding the earth. “As you know, Cartigliano is very sensitive to environmental issues,” explains the company. “Making people think about the oceans also means understanding the value of our planet and consequently acting consciously when making everyday choices. For example, choosing leather, a sustainable waste product from the food industry, instead of plastic.”
In addition to real aquariums, the Cartigliano stand housed a number of noteworthy company technologies. For example, visitors were able to test the Palissone mod. 416 Nero, which represents the state-of-the-art staking machines for leather softening, and to view the new Radio frequency unit, as well as the “heart” of the “a-CNS” vacuum dryer and entrance of the EFT Sludge Dryer. All advanced technologies, designed to reduce environmental impact and improve the efficiency of the production processes. “Radio frequency, in particular, is a very interesting innovation in the sector,” explains Laura Bertacco, Managing Director of Cartigliano. “We applied it both to crust drying and finishing leather. This technology is gaining ground because it offers great advantages both in terms of saving time and energy, and in terms of quality and yield of the leather.” The forecast for 2020? “We hope it will be similar to 2019 which, without being brilliant, was not bad,” concludes Bertacco.

Cartigliano’s Managing Director, Laura Bertacco (right) with Vera Vangelista, marketing director
The Radio frequency unit