We have entered the New Mobility era. What do these changes in user and usage spell for car interiors – and leather interiors in particular? The shared mobility trend is rewriting requirements when it comes to the leather used in automotive interiors. It needs to be more durable and easier to clean. Stahl, world leader in specialty chemistry for coatings, processing and treatments, is known in the automotive industry for its expertise in creating high-quality interior surfaces. So, it should be no surprise that the company is embracing the shared mobility trend by once again offering innovative solutions that help tanners produce leather that meets tomorrow’s requirements.
Stahl is looking to learn from other industries. Aviation, for example, has always been a shared mobility experience in which material durability is key. Today, Stahl is using the expertise of the aviation industry to develop high-performance interior surface solutions that enhance the user experience.

High-quality and sustainable automotive leathers
Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ is one example. This alternative sustainable tanning system helps automotive tanners significantly reduce their water consumption and energy requirements while also cutting production time by five to eight hours. It makes the tanning process faster, simpler and more environmentally friendly as it eliminates hazardous substances such as chromium, all without compromising on leather quality.
But how do you ensure that this high quality, sustainable and cost-efficient leather meets the increasingly important requirement for durability? Stahl Stay Clean® is the answer. Stahl Stay Clean® significantly increases the durability of leather by protecting the surface and enhancing its abrasion resistance. This dirt-repelling, protective shell surface protects leather against common types of soiling, such as dye transfer from jeans, coffee stains and general dirt and wear and tear. Another solution that improves the durability of automotive leather is Stahl’s original PolyMatte®. Its scratch and abrasion resistance ensure that automotive leather retains its luxurious appearance for a long time. By combining these solutions, automotive tanners can create high-quality leathers that meet the industry’s demands when it comes to durability, cost-efficiency, luxury and sustainability.