A company with a double-digit growth despite the difficult economic situation. We are talking about Thema System, founded in 1985 in the tanning pole of Santa Croce sull’Arno, in Tuscany, known for its automation and leather drying systems that can be admired in the best tanneries in the world.

“The balance sheet of the last two years is very positive – tells us entrepreneur Marco Fogli – we are reaching a double-digit growth, also thanks to the fact that markets that previously did not invest in leather conditioning are becoming more sensitive to the subject, because the importance of this process to improve product quality has been finally understood”.

What has changed? “Today, all over the world, there is a growing demand for drying plants that allow the control of temperatures and processing times in order to ensure quality, uniformity and constancy of the final result, regardless of the season and the geographical position of the tannery” .

Which are the most receptive sectors today? “In this moment it is the automotive leather sector which, despite the downturn we are talking about, for us it represents a relatively virgin market where there is much to be done by virtue of sophisticated requirements and the performance that leathers for car interiors must offer”.

What are the latest technological advances in your field? “We have worked hard to further reduce energy consumption and to guarantee manufacturing processes within clear timeframes and homogeneity of the result regardless of the climate. Market demands also push the automation front, we are getting many requests for systems related to the automatic loading and unloading of leather onto from the chain and for the final stacking on a table or stand. These are plants that pay off in just a few months and that are easily sold even in times of crisis”, concludes the Tuscan entrepreneur.