A collection worthy of note is the one presented by Multikimica at the latest edition of Simac Tanning Tech, remarkable both from the point of view of fashion and due to the intrinsic technical aspect. The brand new oxidised effects with shaded reflections are particularly interesting: “The copper roof of the famous Highway church (located by the service area Firenze Nord, ed) inspired me. To obtain these effects that remind us of rusty metals, we use three different compounds during processing” explains the owner Paolo Vanni, pointing out that there are also simpler finishes in the collection: “We have developed many new items that can be obtained in a single process, simply by applying the paper on the crust leather with a total covering effect”.

In which direction does the fashion market move today? “The market is polarised, moving from very simple and inexpensive items to more complex and expensive ones without many middle ways. The challenge for us is precisely to be able to give both brands and lower-end producers optimal solutions for the respective target, proposing continuous innovations from the point of view of fashion trends”. The research also concerns of course the environmental aspect: “We have developed a series of pigments that offer parameters below those required for metal-free leather”, explains Vanni.

Multikimica specialises in the production and formulation of products for wet and finishing such as sealants, caseins, waxes, compounds, polyurethane fixatives, oils and fatliquors and has developed recipes and solutions to create the most diverse items. “We offer our customers complete formulations for the development of innovative items for the tanning-retanning, dyeing and finishing phases. Often these are customised products and solutions, tailored to the customer” concludes the Tuscan entrepreneur.