It is undeniable that the Sustainability theme has come a long way in recent years. And if initially the path was tackled with uncertain gait and some loss of balance, now the pace seems decided. The goal is obviously still very far and the crossroads to be faced are many, but companies are now moving through projects and with a look on the many issues that characterise the theme.

Theme addressed by us in this edition, by consulting some of the companies that mostly progressed in the direction of an increasingly more sustainable production.

If a recent research by McKinsey identifies “transparency and sustainability of products and companies as determining factors in the choices of consumers, especially for younger generations”, the importance of this path can also be seen from the space that increasingly more fairs dedicate to them. We have just concluded the Lineapelle edition, in which we were able to attend a workshop about the circularity of the skins and that of Simac Tanning Tech mastered by the theme of the green plate/energy saving. Not to mention APLF Hong Kong, which celebrates sustainability in these days of mid-March with an important full-day conference: “Sustainability in the leather supply chain”.


“First of all transparency”

“The challenge is on the competition”

“Team play in the leather sector is fundamental”

“The environmental commitment has its return on image and not only on that”

“We work for a more transparent supply chain”

“Products and processes with a view to circular economy”

Innovation is the key to success

PEF measures the environmental footprint