Adrian Defeo, new chairman of the IUF Commission, was elected by the IULTCS Executive Committee to replace Campbell Page. As is known, the IUF Commission deals with the preparation of leather fastness test methods for ISO Standards. 
AICC, Italian Association of Leather Chemists, points out that after Luis Zugno, who currently is also chairman of IULTCS, and Adriano Peruzzi, representative for Italy, Gustavo Adriàn Defeo is the third AICC representative to join the Executive Commitee of IULTCS, signifying the internatonally achieved importance of the Association, which obviously congratulates the new chairman on the election and wishes him and the Commission good work.

Gustavo Adriàn Defeo

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 3 January 1966, after studying English literature and chemical industrial technology, Gustavo Adriàn Defeo carried out over 30 years of intense academic activity and international research in the field of leather technology and colour science, starting to work as leather technician in 1985 at Ciba Geigy Argentina, then as consultant and leather technician at Yorkshire Chemicals, Zschimmer & Schwarz and Unitan – Hodgson chemicals.
In Italy since 1993, he collaborated with chemical companies such as Chimont and Codyeco, and created Genesis Ecotec in 1999, in collaboration with Italprogetti engineering; in 2003 he became technical manager of the dyes for the leather sector of Bayer AG-Lanxess. In 2011 he founded Ars Tinctoria, an analytical laboratory that specialises in specific analyses in the textile and tanning sectors.
Active member of AICC (Italian Association of Leather Chemists) and AAQTIC (Asociación Argentina de los Químicos y Técnicos de la Industria del Cuero), SLTC (Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists), Defeo has held various institutional roles including the secretariat of AAQTIC and the presidency of GAC (Grupo Argentino del Color). As Italian delegate to the CEN TC 289 WG1/IULTCS -IUC Leather committees he collaborates with UNI in the various working groups of the leather industry.
Recognised for his analytical research in different fields of leather processing, he has dedicated the last decade to the study of false positives, presenting several conferences (2-naphtylamine/4-aminobiphenyl, chlorophenols, chloroparaffins, perfluoroalkyl substances). At Ars Tinctoria, with his team he had the task to define molecular structures of over 600 dyes for the application on leather, textiles, plastics and paper. His current studies concern among other things the colour, light and fastness of dyes.