The production and commercial activity of DMS International, an offshooot of DMS Italy, established last year with the aim of conquering the international leather tanning market with the offer of new generation machines designed on the basis of some important proprietary patents, is proceeding at full speed. While the mother company has been active for thirty years in the tanning market of Arzignano, where it has made itself known for technical assistance, the sale of used and spare parts, the new company of Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) is all projected on technological innovation with the aim of offering the global market increasingly efficient and performing machinery.
DMS International currently specialises in the production of a coating machine for roller finishing of leather, called RC Paint, defined by the same customers as a “simple, intuitive, fast” machine. A successful model that has allowed the Vicenza-based company to register an excellent 2019 and to open a new warehouse that joins the production facility inaugurated last year. 

Dario Rubbo

An important result that is explained by the great knowledge of the market in which it operates, through the perspective of those who have been providing technical assistance to the tanneries for many years. “Thanks to the experience we have gained as maintenance technicians, we brought to our machines some innovations, very much appreciated by the market, not least some design ‘tricks’ that allow for example to quickly disassemble them in case of need”, explains the entrepreneur Dario Rubbo.
But of course this is not enough to conquer a difficult market like the one of the tanning sector. In fact, in addition to offering excellent after-sales technical assistance, the mechanical company feels the urgent need to offer tanners ever more innovative machines, designed to respond to new environmental requests as well, for example in terms of reducing waste and resource usage.
“We are working on the issue of sustainability, in particular through the development of new devices that go in the direction of significant water and energy savings – continues Rubbo – At a tannery we are already testing, with very encouraging results, some technological innovations that allow a significant reduction in the use of both water and energy. We also aim to quickly achieve the Green Label, the ecological certification promoted by Assomac, the association of Italian Machinery Manufacturers for the leather sector”.
Also important for the Venetian company are for example cooperations with the producers of chemical auxiliaries with whom “it is essential to study the problems together since we share the same objectives, but it is also useful to work with colleagues of the mechanical department, for example to improve the synergies of in-line machines”, says the entrepreneur.
At Simac Tanning Tech 2020, scheduled in Milan next February, DMS International will exhibit the RC Paint 3400, its largest coating machine model, which presents important innovations in terms of simplified maintenance and anti-corrosion stainless steel components. Improvements that ensure greater cleanliness in the production process which is reflected in a higher quality of the finished leathers.
“RC Paint is suitable for most leather types, soft and rigid, and is ideal for the application of stucco, impregnation, coating, hot and cold oils, the application of foamed chemicals on splits, buffed or full grain”, explain the company’s business technicians.
As for the markets to conquer, the challenge is all-round: “There currently is no main reference market, we are aiming in all directions – concludes Dario Rubbo – but we certainly do not want to neglect the Italian market which is giving us important satisfactions and neither the European one”.