The search for increasingly performing leathers is the mission of Kemas since its foundation in 2007 by Daniele Marinai. Attentive to innovation and the market needs, in a few years Kemas has achieved important results as proven by the two patents obtained and the seven registered trademarks.

“Eliminating metals in the leather manufacturing process is not easy and sometimes they are replaced with products whose environmental impact and health risks are greater – explains Marinai -. As experts are well aware, without the use of metals it is difficult to obtain the same general chemical-physical strength features of the skin such as light, temperature, tearing, grain cracking, etc. The challenge is, obviously, also to create leather with a good aesthetic appearance that can satisfy the well known product requirements of the leather”.

To overcome these problems, in its application laboratory in Santa Croce sull’Arno, Kemas has developed an alternative system worthy of attention. “Thanks to our European patent (EP3041962) which provides for the use of certain elastomers poured into drums, it is possible to overcome many of the difficulties normally encountered in the production of metal-free leathers – explains the founder of Kemas – Many times metal free leathers are characterised by a less adherent grain with major blowing problems and lower general resistance. Using our drum rubberising system, we are able to completely impregnate the leather, obtaining high quality leathers, ideal for producing items that are just as innovative and which are protected by our patent that covers the entire supply chain. With this system it is possible to obtain metal-free products with any type of (laminated, abrasive, drummed, printed and painted) finishing and for any use”.