Mec Man runs fast. This young but strong company with long experience in the field of vacuum dryers, in a few years has managed to build a reputation as a reliable partner in the tanning world, both in Italy and abroad.
This is demonstrated by the rapid growth trend which also in 2019 saw Mec Man’s turnover record + 12% in spite of a decidedly lackluster tanning market. “We are very satisfied because our plants are gaining increasing acceptance by rewarding our efforts”, says Marco Agostini, founding partner of the Veneto-based company together with Giovanni Baron.
“I believe that our strength – explains Agostini – lies in the quality-price ratio of our machines always built with first-rate and technologically advanced materials: we strive to reduce our costs to the maximum in order to be able to offer customers a extremely competitive price”. An attention to the economic aspect that even the high-end market proves to appreciate increasingly more: “There are important tanneries with a high-level production among our customers because everyone today is forced to keep costs down”,  observes Agostini.
Mec Man’s top runner is the vacuum dryer of large dimensions known as Mec Giant – that the company will also take to the next Simac Tanning Tech edition – characterised by tables available in lenghts up to 9 metres, allowing for the drying of three bovine hides per table, thus guaranteeing an increased productivity equal to 50% at the same cost as managing a 7 metre-table. “Customers have understood that our larger drying systems consume little and offer important advantages in terms of production yield”.   
Another very recent innovation developed by the Veneto company was made in the Santa Croce tanning district in collaboration with a customer: “Together with Sottovuoto Caciagli we have created a brand new dual condenser dryer which is giving surprising results in terms of the finished leather quality – explains Agostini – For those who, like this company, carry out work on leathers meant for big names, where treatments reach levels of maniacal precision, the double condensation represents a formidable advance in terms of quality”. Winning cards that the company is playing on the main tanning markets of the world, with a notebook of served countries on which to always pin new flags: “For us, 2019 meant the entry into the markets of Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and Russia”, concludes Agostini.