Based on the recovery water from the olive oil production, Dermochimica meets the need of the leather industry to replace chrome and other heavy metals from the tanning process by introducing Hydroil. Completely natural and eco-sustainable, Hydroil exploits the strong antioxidant and tanning properties of Oil Mill Waste Water (OMWW) for tanning and re-tanning of all types, qualities or end uses.

Hydroil (i) is a product with high filling and retanning power, especially recommended for the retanning of wet-blue leather, eliminating synthetic resins and / or natural tannins. Thanks to the high concentration of natural antioxidant polyphenols (10 g / kg Hydroil), higher than green tea, it is very effective in the inhibition of the formation of Cr (VI); therefore, it is no longer necessary to use ascorbic acid. Thanks to the multiple functions of Hydroil (i) there is an overall saving of chemicals of 20-30%. Hydroil (i) is completely eco-friendly: it is not only made out one of the most polluting agro-industrial waste waters but also, compared to the use of standard retanning-filling resins, with Hydroil (i) there is a reduction in the COD of exhausted baths of 73% (from 15,000 mg / l to only 4,000 mg / l).

Hydroil (p) is a product used as tanning agent which, added in combination with other tanning additives, is suitable for the production of items not only chrome-free, but also free of all other metals. The metal-free articles obtained with Hydroil (p) reach the same level characteristics of a chrome-tanned leather and on performances, is clearly superior to vegetable and aldehydes tanned leathers. Extremely versatile, it allows the production of all types of articles over every kind of leather.