At Tanning Tech 2020 Erretre presents the new automatic ECOTAN® spray booth. Its peculiarity is the integrated abatement system that allows an efficient treatment of the fumes (without any external encumbrance) to the point of being able to recycle the treated air in the cabin.
Erretre points out that the new abatement system guarantees improved suction compared to traditional cabins with enormous benefits for cleaning the inside of the cabin. The design of the booth is absolutely original and maintains some appreciated features of the ECOSPRAY series, such as the doors with full opening for easy cleaning and inspection and the carousel with larger dimensions for a more uniform coverage.
Operations are controlled through a 20” touch screen with an intuitive graphic interface and it is possible to easily and automatically manage sequences of customisable operations such as colour change, maintenance and adjustment of guns, freeing operators for other activities. Washing operations are also automated, thus reducing labour requirements to a minimum.
The spraying lines are completed by the NER model drying tunnels, also available in the hybrid version with infrared for an optimal drying profile and reduced energy consumption with savings of over 30%.
All operating parameters are associated with production information and stored for remote control and analysis in the philosophy of Industry 4.0.
The Veneto-based company will also take to the fair the series of full milling drums with Cold Milling® technology. A patented innovation that allows the drumming of the leather without heating it, keeping the internal humidity at optimal levels and allowing the production of delicate and very tight grain leathers.