The latest roller machine GREENSTARs, designed by Gemata, is establishing itself on the national and international market.
The machine, launched last year in Milan during the Simac Tanning Tech event, sparked remarkable interest which soon turned into sales: in spite of the complications caused by the pandemic in the last months, tanneries has recognised the value of the machine investing on it and on the proved quality of the Gemata experience.
Eleven machines were sold in the two months of May and June of this year: they were installed in Italy, both in the Vicenza and in the Santa Croce sull’Arno districts, in Europe and in South America. A national and international success, with several italian and foreign buyers which are demostrating a special appreciation for the new roller coater machine.
“We are very satisfied of this datas”, claims Mr Mauro Pellizzari, Sales Director of Gemata. “The machine is achieving resounding success: despite of the obstacles in meeting buyers in person, caused by the forced travelling stop, we are able to communicate the unique value and the features that make GREENSTARs the ideal solution for finishing leathers. At the moment we have a lot of negotiations and we are optimistic about the previsions of next months”.
Then, what are the distinctive characteristics of GREENSTARs?
First of all, it is a roller coater machine for any kind of leather, cowhides for footwear and leather goods, very light sheepskins (0.4 mm) for clothing and automotive crusts: in addition, according to the need of processing it can finish in syncro and in reverse mode very defective leathers and with high thickness variations.
Among its technical innovations we can highlight:
– the complete lack of vibrations eliminates the stripes on the coated film for an excellent finishing and coating of the leather: as a consequence, GREENSTARs allows to obtain a finished product of higher quality than in the past;
– the design of the exit section of the machine, patented by Gemata, makes possible to detach the leathers without any type of roller conveyor, eliminating any contamination of the flesh side of the hides;
– the rubber conveyor belt has a special geometry and it can be placed at four different angles: it ensures a better application of the chemical on any kind of leather;
– from the traditional arc geometry to horizontal and calibrated movement system of the doctor blade: this innovative movement keeps the roller flow rate constant, ensuring a uniform coverage with a positioning that automatically compensate the doctor blade consumption.
Another key factor for the success of the new machine is its ergonomic design: the conveyor belt of the introduction spreader has been lowered and slightly inclined to contain the height of the operator’s work surface; in addition, GREENSTARs has been equipped with a more intuitive and simple blade adjustament system.
The machine can be used as a part of the GREENFINISH release paper system or as a stand-alone machine for the application of stucco, base and pre-base formulations; it is available in different working widths, from 1300 mm for small skins to 2400 for sides.
Last but not least, GREENSTARs is a roller machine and as such it guarantess remarkable green benefits: the thirty-year experience of Gemata has extensivily proved that the roller finishing, compared to the spray one, is the more clear and ecological reply for the environment.
“Tanneries are committed in the research of sustainable solution in order that make its lifecycle production more green and ecological”, claim Mr Mauro Pellizzari. “Regardind this matter, as Gemata we can affirm to have been pioneers. Our roller machines are the perfect synthesis between efficient and ecological perfomances”.
Finally, he closes: “GREENSTARs has giving us satisfactions beyond expections. We wish travels will be easier in the coming months in order to host buyers in our in-house laboratory for tests and finishing demonstrations”.