Around 70% of all the wastewater generated in traditional leather production starts in the beamhouse.

Stahl started from this consideration to develop new solutions in the name of sustainability. Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™ leather biochemicals can cut water requirements, cut chemical requirements, waste and time. “Derived from a controlled fermentation of probiotic cultures and natural raw ingredients, Proviera – Probiotics for Leather are made in a natural process that means all products in the range are 100% biodegradable and hazard-free, with clear benefits for our industry, customers and the environment”.

Stahl, an active proponent of responsible chemistry, is now expanding its range of Proviera – Probiotics for Leather solutions for sustainable leather processing in the beamhouse. The now-launching ProDegreaze™ Plus offers tanners improved degreasing performance combined with real sustainability benefits. Proviera – Probiotics for Leather products are almost completely made with biomass raw materials in a low-emission fermentation process. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes their impact on global warming.
The Dutch giant explains that ProDegreaze Plus complements the existing ProDegreaze probiotic solution in the Proviera – Probiotics for Leather portfolio. Performance benefits of ProDegreaze Plus compared with ProDegreaze, which will continue to be available, include enhanced degreasing performance, enhanced cleaning, and enhanced leveling. ProDegreaze Plus does all this while maintaining the excellent biodegradability properties of classic ProDegreaze.
ProDegreaze Plus can be used at any stage in the beamhouse process: presoaking, main soaking, unhairing, liming, deliming, and degreasing. It can also be used with pelt, pickle, wet-blue, and wet-white systems, plus Stahl BeTan beamhouse solutions, Stahl EasyWhite and EasyBlue tanning systems, Stahl Densodrin® and Densotan® waterproofing systems, and to create Stahlite lightweight leather. In every case, ProDegreaze Plus is highly effective at degreasing a hide. It combines the highly efficient fat distribution of the original ProDegreaze with stable emulsification action to disperse it in the float. It delivers a cleaner grain and brighter colors, while having an odorless effect on hides, skins and tannery equipment. Hides that have been degreased with ProDegreaze Plus can be used for all types of leathers.
All Proviera – Probiotics for leather products use probiotic microorganisms to produce metabolites that behave as wetting, dispersing and degreasing agents in the leather process. These probiotic-derived metabolites can replace the traditional fossil fuel-based agents used in the leather process. Through this they contribute to a cleaner, safer process for workers and a lower environmental footprint.
With no need to change existing tannery processes, Proviera – Probiotics for Leather products can be used as replacements for surfactants and as auxiliaries with existing Stahl solutions. The range also forms part of the Stahl Neo portfolio of Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) MRSL solutions and complies with ZDHC MRSL 2.0.