The Veneto group presents an important breakthrough in designing drums, spray booths and drying tunnels by introducing innovative solutions that can enhance raw material right along the work cycle ensuring repeatable results on an industrial scale

Great technological innovation in treating leather arrives from one of the most important firms in the sector, Erretre of Arzignano, specialized in producing drums and spraying units, also handling production of spraying and drying booths of the prestigious brand Fratelli Carlessi, taken over five years ago and now autonomous but fully integrated in the group.

The innovations concern all types of machinery offered by the leading Veneto firm and start from the wide concept of the need for ever greater industrialization of production in tanning mindful of constant and repeatable results.


We have been working on these solutions for five years, researching, testing and experimentation of all types and for all kinds of hides, because we don’t just want to launch a new machine but provide fresh instruments that can revolutionize the tanning and finishing processes, trying to think outside the box and explore new paths. Now finally we are ready to present the market with these new generation units that make for a real step ahead in the sector

– declared Erretre president Antonio Galiotto during a meeting with the trade press at which not only the modern plant where tanning machinery destined for all over the world is produced was show but also the new IST research and development department, equipped like the very latest tannery, able to carry out experiments on industrial scale and also tests for clients in an absolutely confidential atmosphere.

Highly expert in tanning, as well as in designing machinery, the Veneto entrepreneur explained how the new technologies stem from the fact that now the majority of tanneries work on hides in the wet blue or crust from which they must produce articles obtained through the finishing stages. But, as we know, the hides are all different, as are the tanning techniques which each one of them may have undergone. So the job of finishing is focused on making the articles uniform regardless of their initial conditions.

We have worked on the principle of repeatable results, whatever the original state. Hence the need to equip machines with a series of devices and instruments able to control crucial parameters in tanning and finishing stages also through the use of specific and easy to use software developed in-house. Already for many years we have been able to program in-drum processes down to the last detail and according to work shifts in tanneries. All the variables are perfectly controlled so as to obtain constant results even when articles and lots change. The same concepts of simplicity, repeatability and programming have been applied throughout the production

– explained Galiotto.

So we find a new generation of technologically advanced machines for stocking, drying and conditioning hides in the drum ready to conquer the international market. The same concept of controlling all parameters and variables has been applied in designing the new spraying booths and drying tunnels, machines for which the historic Fratelli Carlessi can boast the first examples. The new finishing lines available on the market are fully automatic with high transfer power and new systems of emissions control.

A strong point of the new Carlessi offers is the Cell Rotaring Conditioning System (C.R.C.). Designed for both chrome tanned and organically tanned hides, it represents a new direction compared to traditional vacuum or frame drying systems. This patented system was already introduced to the trade last year during the IULTCS Convention in Istanbul. The main feature is that it operates through independent cells and therefore can treat different articles with varied drying conditions at the same time. The plant can both dry and condition. Temperature, humidity, air flow and stretching of hides can be regulated separately and adjusted for each cell according to characteristics of hides such as thickness, tanning, desired softness, etc. Control of stretching of hides during drying is an absolute ‘first’ for the sector. Contrary to the traditional frame, stretching of skin can be controlled and adjusted according to parameters established during drying of hides. This offers a significant increase in quality and yield of leather compared to other available technologies integrating all the drying operations in a single machine and bringing the hides directly to the drum for retannage of the crust.

It’s like having seven machines in one – declared Giulio Tandura, manager of the Fratelli Carlessi division. Advantages are multiple. It works at a temperature of 40° instead of 70°, production times are reduced and yield of leather substantially increased. Results that have been achieved after carrying out much testing and analysis on over a million different hides.

At the event construction of a new division was announced within the group, called IST (Innovative Solutions Technology). This is an actual research center with dedicated resources and chemical and tanning expertise available to clients, arranged to ensure maximum confidentiality for firms that use it.

Separated from the Erretre and Carlessi production areas, the research unit has its own experimental tannery complete with production machinery for testing and prototyping on industrial scale that can also handle lots of whole hides for furnishing or car interiors. In fact IST includes research and innovation of processes, specific projects for upgrading or creating new articles in partnership with chemical producers or tanners with a complete approach to the tanning process that covers all the aspects involved: chemicals, engineering, technology and environment.