The offer of metal free systems on the market gets increasingly wide. Like on Finikem’s stand at Tanning Tech, where the Tuscan chemical-tanning company offered a large variety of metal-free items with beautiful chromed and reflective effects. Facing an increasingly demanding and selective leather market in terms of sustainable production processes, Finikem’s R&D laboratory has developed an application methodology and a selection of products to obtain metal free finishing processes on high quality leathers dedicated to clothing, footwear and leather goods. The innovative processes “in no way penalise the final article in terms of quality but rather allow to obtain a product of equal value, in compliance with the more restrictive requirements of specifications by the most important brands”, explains Finikem. To make these leathers, the FM series of metal-free liquid dyes has been used, which are applied as normal dyes ensuring excellent performance and excellent solubility”, explains Finikem.
The Tuscan company also presented the developments of three new high-value products for leather finishing of the “Restar” series (which include pre-coats, fillers, resins, etc.) designed to provide maximum performance if used together with Gemata Topstar machines that distribute the product evenly.