Born on the initiative of a small team of specialists in the sector, Rotacoat has continued its research to optimise the coating and surface finishing of natural and synthetic materials and today it is ready to present its new J1 3400 model. The new machine has been designed to apply efficiently and very homogeneously a wide assortment of chemical products for finishing in reverse, for example resins for the impregnation and both hot and cold fatliquors, high viscosity products such as filling agents, stucco and pre-base products on both buffed and full grain leathers and splits, pigments of all types, also foamed, for base coatings, colour coats and water-based topcoats. “It is possible to finish goat and sheepskins, cowhide sides, splits and whole hides in reverse, thus dealing with almost all the types of articles, even the softest ones, ranging from fine thicknesses (0.4 mm), suitable for the apparel, furnishing and automotive sectors, up to thicker items for the leatherware and footwear industries”, explains the company.
“ROTACOAT J1 3400 machines are able to spread evenly in reverse from a few grams per square foot of chemical to a very substantial quantity (up to even 50 g/s.f.) in a single pass, if so required”.
Thanks to the experience of the engineers who worked on its development, the J1 3400 stands out for the following features:
– colour change speeded up to the maximum and cleaning of the new coating rollers greatly facilitated
– great application accuracy of the finishing film and absolutely uniform doctor blade wear thanks to the motorised control
– very high productivity thanks to a conveyor’s speed that can exceed 20 m/min
– innovative geometry of the rubberised leather conveyor belt that enables for the first time to work without auxiliary peel off devices
– compensation of the thickness in the working area guaranteed by a rubberised counterpart roller that activates an innovative rubberised carpet of reduced thickness so that the combined thickness of the roller plus carpet is able to completely compensate for the natural lack of uniformity in the structure of the hides
– carpet with variable geometry, optionally optimised for both thin and highly irregular thick hides and selectable both in filling and covering modes.
The new coating machines also features a whole series of measures aimed at completely eliminating any vibration at the source; all the drives – speed regulation of the engraved roller, feeding and transport belts, washing brush – are made by means of an inverter. The positioning of the doctor blade is programmable from the touch screen panel and the pressure exerted on the roller is always checked thanks to the motorised control on both sides by means of brushless drives. “This represents a great application advantage as it allows you to determine the flow rate on both sides with great precision and to significantly reduces both the wear of the blade and the coating rollers”, conclude Rotacoat’s engineers.