Dermacolor has long experience in the specific metal-free sector; so much so that it has realized a substantial volume containing 15 years of research and tests in this specific sector, which is now made available to its customers. The metal-free system offered by Dermacolor, which undergoes the fundamental wet white pre-tanning phase (called Dry White here), makes it possible to obtain “especially natural items, with a grain and a tanning degree that make their use possible in all subsequent processing phases, including garment dyeing, as the Tuscan company’s experts explain.

With Dermacolor’s metal-free process several items for the footwear, clothing, furniture and automotive sectors are realized. “The restrictive chemical parameters that must be complied with, such as the presence of tanning metals (Cr,Al,Ti,Fe,Zr) and the content of free formaldehyde, are carefully monitored and assessed during the design phase for the items”.

Special attention, Dermacolor tells us, is paid to waste water through the use of fatliquors with characteristics that reduce the COD in waste water. A new series of organic dyes makes it possible to finish leathers avoiding the problem linked to the use of metal-complex dyes that in some cases would affect negatively the analytical result of the metal-free system. Finally, special protective agents ensure an excellent performance of all the items dedicated to the furniture and automotive sectors.