A 24-hour research, development and innovation activity. Finikem’s work in guaranteeing cutting-edge products is tireless. The Tuscan company, which specialises in chemical products for leather finishing, has always a keen eye on market needs, but manages to go beyond customer requests, always offering new solutions.
One of these is the REFINE line (in the picture above), designed for skin upgrading. A line of finishing products that raises the quality level of leathers, hiding their defects. The effect is surprising: REFINE products equalise the materials achieving a uniform absorption. The naturalness of the leather is preserved intact, as well as its intrinsic features, such as the touch. The REFINE line is used as basic solution, to prepare the leather for subsequent processing phases.
The Sneakers Finishing System is another new proposal by Finikem. White leather sneakers? No problem. Finikem offers a concrete answer to the growing sports shoe market with a finishing system that allows the sneakers to be washed. This solution, thanks to polyurethane compounds and fixatives, is able to make the materials resist to dry cleaning with neutral soaps according to UNI EN ISO 3175-1 and 3175-2 specifications and washing in water with detergent at 40 degrees celsius according to UNI specifications. EN ISO 6330 and ISO 105 A02..

Emanuele Rappa, general manager of Finikem

“The tests carried out have shown that the shoe does not deteriorate and resists washing without problems – stated Emanuele Rappa, general manager of Finikem – The study carried out guarantees that the finish maintains its appearance, performance and resistance when it comes into contact with water”.
Undoubtedly a result of great interest for the sports shoe sector. An innovative solution developed internally and certified by third party laboratories, which meets a growing market demand.

The personalisation and research activity that Finikem carries out together with its customers is never disconnected from the eco-sustainability guideline. This thanks to a precise commitment that moves the company’s choices towards a greener economy. “This is not a slogan as an end in itself, to us sustainability is the concreteness of daily choices on raw materials and work systems – continues Rappa -. We are ready to use a series of products mostly derived from renewable sources. We are studying polyurethanes deriving 45% from recycled raw materials, for example, and we are promoting the use of BIO solvents with a non-flammable, low VOC content that is more compatible with the environment”.

Finikem has developed a system that allows you to wash sports shoes