Finikem has just launched Finidry, its new fluorocarbon resin-free line of water repellents and therefore devoid of all fluorinated compounds (such as PFOS and PFOAS and PFOx).
“We are very satisfied with this range of products we have been working on for almost two years – explains Alessandro Tamburini, R&D manager – All products in the line are metal free and already ZDHC certified. Tests conducted in the tannery have produced excellent results: these new water-repellent products are effective, eco-sustainable and leave no residue”.
But let’s see the features of the 4 products, all ready for use, that make up the line. Finidry Idro is a solvent-based water repellent to be used both on crust and on finished material, particularly suitable for “nappalan” finishing. Finidry Idro-Oil is hydro and oil repellent, it is used on crust or nubuck and gives a bright and full tone. There is also a Bio version made with organic solvent obtained from biomass and therefore even more sustainable. Finally, the latest water-based variant: Idro-Oil Water is a hydro and oil repellent product particularly suitable for sheet and goat skins intended for the clothing sector, as it confers a warm and silky touch.