The market has shown a great interest in the numerous novelties presented by Bergi in its booth at Simac Tanning Tech. Starting from the SuperVario type through-feed ironing-plating machine combined with the Pegasus spreading machine, ideal for working deep grain leather for furniture and car seats that has attracted much interest. Another very admired machine was the band buffing machine Attiva, ideal for bovine, vegetable tanned or impregnated hides (because it works cold) that has the particularity of working with an inclined bench so that the leather falls spread on the conveyor belt (instead of being splitted), then ready to pass to the dedusting machine. Attiva has been presented equipped with a spreader, an automatic very useful feeding machine in particular when working soft leathers because it facilitates the work of the operator.

Also in terms of finishing, Bergi attracted the attention of visitors to the fair by presenting an application line consisting of a roller coater and a transfer film laminator. In collaboration with some producers of chemical auxiliaries, the mechanical company has in fact developed new finishing techniques that are very interesting both in terms of costs and time. After having prepared the leather, the finishing is basically carried out in a single step by applying a very thin film transfer, in other words a very high adherence polymer gel supplied on a reel, applicable both to full grain and to grouted and/or frosted leathers and crusts of any kind. The result is a very soft finished article. Unlike spraying systems, this type of finishing does not produce emissions into the atmosphere, it consumes fewer chemicals and does not produce waste.