Starface introduces a significant innovation in this practice as it allows to automate the resin coating on the flesh side, creating a finishing line in continuous with the other coating machines. With Starface leather no longer needs to be put on a stand or pallet to be taken to the finishing line, but it is conveyed directly to the roller machine or to the spray booth for its base-coating.

 This totally eliminates contamination from dust and fluff caused by the stacking of leathers and by the surrounding dust. Starface guarantees considerable advantage to the tannery, increasing the quality of the produced leather and consequently its cutting percentage. The design of the Starface is specular compared to traditional roller machines. At its bottom it is fitted an engraved roller that by conveying the chemical into the recovery tank processes the flesh side of the leather. The quantity of chemical deposited by Starface is calibrated by the engraving of the coating roller. On the upper side of the machine, in contact with the grain side of leather, it is installed a rubber roller that guarantees its mechanical transport.

 After its coating on the flesh side, the leather is  conveyed from the Starface first to the  drying tunnel and then to the roller coater or spray booth for its base-coating . Perfect drying and air conditioning are achieved by selecting the drying tunnel most suitable to the production cycle of the customer, who can choose among several drying methods: infrared, steam and gas. The leather is conveyed to the next machine and fed-in by conveyors and feeding belts which work in sync with the Starface and which allow a perfect spreading and stretching of the leather.

Starface machine by Gemata