Following the success of the first edition which saw the participation of over 300 delegates and thirty top-level speakers, also the Second Sustainable Leather Forum, scheduled in Paris for next 14 September, on the eve of Première Vision Leather, is worthy of the utmost attention. The director of the event is always Yves Morin, a great expert in technology and social responsibility thanks to a long experience at the head of CTC, the French Footwear and Leather Research Centre, who last year as chairman of the organising committee set up a first-class conference involving the largest French fashion brands, French and European institutions, together with researchers, tanners, leather traders, manufacturers of footwear and leather goods, and distributors. All united in the effort in making the fashion and leather sector an example of ethical and environmentally friendly production.
Once again, the goal is to encourage the sharing of experiences and efforts of the sector in terms of Social Responsibility, says Yves Morin. It is important to clearly explain what a company must do to be truly sustainable, showing the best practices of the top players in the sector and tools already available. In addition to the presence of experts on all issues related to sustainability, the Forum is expected to have members of various fashion brands who will talk about their experiences on the theme.
The 2020 forum will be divided into five sessions dedicated to: leather and chemistry of finished products; European innovation and best practices on raw hides; circular economy in the footwear and leather goods sector, labels and social responsibility; training, territorial attractiveness, CSR challenges for the sector and leather goods.
As always, the conference is organised by Conseil National du Cuir, the federation that unites 19 industrial associations and French unions connected to the leather industry representing approximately 8,000 companies and 70,000 employees, and sponsored by Première Vision Paris, APLF and Groupe Sic.

Un’immagine del Sustainabile Leather Forum  dello scorso anno