For over 30 years, Analytical has been synonymous with quality and support at the highest levels in the world of chemical and micro-biological testing and certification, carrying out analyses and tests both in the laboratory and in the field, with the support of specialists who test natural elements and industrial processes every day, in order to guarantee excellence and congruity with the specific current regulations.
Analytical Group, since always an international reference for companies and their outsourcing connections thanks to consulting services on regulations, labelling and supply-chain verification processes, and thanks to numerous accreditations and international partnerships, also supports companies in the export process in over 80 countries worldwide.
Innovation and professionalism have always been at the centre of a concrete daily commitment based on the latest technologies: Analytical Group, thanks to continuous training activities, is able to assure high data quality, tracing a path of excellence for all the different macro-sectors managed: Fashion & Industry, Environment, IoT & Electromechanics, Agrifood.
The Arzignano group has counted the most important tanneries in the area among its customers for yeas, providing all its expertise in analyses for the environmental sector. A tailor-made service not just consisting in chemical tests on leather and materials,  but also in the most accurate advice of the Environmental division’s team, which makes its know-how available in carrying out Environmental Impact Assessments, in supporting, designing and implementating eco-compatible production processes, in supporting procedures for the admission to financial concessions in the national and EU field, in technical feasibility studies to support investments to be made through project financing, in giving advice about the ISO 14001 certification and EMAS Regulation (No. 1836/93), as well as about laboratory analyses and the execution of samplings.