Gemata presents GREENFINISH Short and GREENFINISH Lab, two new compact versions of the GREENFINISH finishing line launched for the first time at Simac Tanning Tech last February. The line represents an ecological turning point in finishing systems with release paper: in fact, it is the first system to use a roller coating machine to coat the thermo-adhesive on leathers, instead of applying spraying technology; in addition, drying takes place with an infrared oven both on the release paper and on leathers. The absence of the boiler for the diathermic oil, the use of IR ovens, the temperature control directly both on the surface of the release paper and on the leathers allows you to finish all types of leather, even with metal-free tanning (which requires low temperature drying). It should also be emphasised that infrared ovens are a much more ecological alternative because they consume only to the passage of the hide, they ensure dust-free drying and their management in the tannery is much easier.
The Veneto-based company, already a leader in leather finishing technology, explains that the GREENFINISH Short version was created to satisfy some markets, such as the one of Santa Croce sull’Arno, where spaces are limited and production lots are always smaller. The Short version offers, in fact, a size of only 20 metres and a significantly reduced cost compared to current systems. A compact and flexible system that ensures a speed of 6-7 m/min, ideal for small production batches. No accumulator and 500 mm diameter release paper (1000 metres in length) which requires a machine stop of 10-15 mm for the roll change every 3 hours of work, represent the difference with the systems so far produced.
At the end of October, the Short line was installed at the Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa) plant to be used for some time for trials and tests. The line will be available to customers on a permanent basis at the Gemata plant in Trissino (Vicenza). The second version designed is GREENFINISH Lab, an even shorter plant: 11 metres, ideal for laboratories and chemical product companies that can finish leather with the same production process as the machines already present in the tanneries at a speed of 2 m/min. With the launch of these compact lines, Gemata proves to have a great awareness of the different existing tanning companies offering a vast assortment of plants that can be customised in length, according to the customer’s needs.
The GREENFINISH plants currently available are the line of 38 m with two heads, non stop speed 8-10 m/min; the line of 30 m with one head, non stop speed 6-8 m/min. And then the new GREENFINISH Short line of 20 m, speed 6-7 m/min and the GREENFINISH Lab line of 11 m, speed 1-2 m/min.